dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

AnimePaper and is that thunder i hear?

Umm... so I now have 3 wallpapers on Anime Paper. The 2 i just submited were accepted. so yay! i guess. XD

Me on AP: konishi

Kuro and 2 07-ghost ones.. and 2 scans.

Didn't have power for about an hour last nite, which is always great when the convenience store across the street still does. @_@
Also the new nieghbour across the hall she kept going in and out of her apartment slamming the door.. so a nnoying. why she was going in and out i do not know. We are on the 8th floor. No power = no elevator, and she wasn't using the stairs cuz that's a different door noise... halls have emergency lights, whuich is nice tho.


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