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Pandora Hearts OP & ED Creditless

[AD-Raws] released a little bit ago DVD 1's  creditless OP & ED in WS glory. The way it should have been shown on TV, thankyouverymuch.

I've d/led them both via torrent and so decided since they are small to share them here. [AD-Raws] gets the credit folks.

[AD-Raws]Pandora Hearts Creditless op.​avi - 18.79MB -Here-
[AD-Raws]Pandora Hearts Creditless ed.​avi - 16.29MB -Here-
(848 x 480)

completely unrelated... well not really... I was trying to d/l the DJCD 1 from PanHearts from this curious site, and it failed to completely d/l twice. thanks. So i googled and got a site that was in chinese i guess, and then d/led raySource... which was also in Chinese and d/led it through that program. Easily. Even if said program is in Chinese, and i can't read it.

completely off topic.. we just had a pest controll person came to put out the bait for those tiny ants we have and he wandered into my room and said: 'woah!' and my mom said 'i know there's too much stuff.'  He said: 'what's with all the japanese animation?' she replied: 'she likes that stuff' him: 'who can blame her? did you think she was the only one?'

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