dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Blue vs Purple

Why is it that all j-mag images that have Frau have his eyes Purple?

It's damned annoying.
Specially if you're vectoring him.... and 3 others hence doing 8 eyes....

I have 5 eyes done. Had to wing one of Fai's eyes, as it looked like a solid brown object...

Done list:

  • flesh lines
  • eyes / brows
  • basic shapes

  • flesh lines
  • eyes / brows
  • basic lines

  • basic shapes
  • flesh lines
  • eyes / brows

  • basic shapes
  • flesh lines
  • eyes / brows

yeah... epic vector is epic time eater. lol

Watched all 7 eps of R2 dvd part 1 already. so that's good. XD


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