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Daytime Emmys on The CW

that's right... on The CW... yeah.. i know makes zero sense.

Totally started tweeting about it. Got tweet quoted too. XD Here. Twice.

One's about Guiding Light which shines it's light for the last time September 18th, after 75 years on air.
The other is about Sandra Oh and Sesame Street. 40 yrs on air.

Also somewhere in there they showed a General Hospital Promo. I know I was shocked too. I mean it's The CW, not ABC. So WTF? Anyways. it looks so awesome!

Promo here.

I'll refer to it now as the Carnival Arc

Narrator: "On this town's brightest day, "
Dom to Molly, Morgan & Michael: "this looks like fun. What do you guys think?"
Flash Sonny high fiving Morgan on a ride
Narrator: "fate deals a dark hand. "
Ramona: "Something Wicked this way comes"
Narrator: "Tuesday, September 8th on General Hospital, "
Elizabeth: "Jake wait for mommy!"
Ramona: "The danger is real."
*Jason and Sam / Kristina & Keifer / Olivia & Sonny*
Ramona: "And it is here."
Narrator: "Port Charles"
Elizabeth: "Jake!"
Narrator: "is marked for death. "
Ramona: "It will come from where you least expect it."
*A Car, black plate: ATJ 39K0 comes ripping thru the fair grounds.*
Alexis: "Molly?!" *desparately looking for her*
*Lulu watches in shock aas the car plows thru some bales. *
*Patrick is there.*
Narrator: "Which family will"
*Micheal comes out of a tent very concerned.*
Narrator: "say goodbye"
*Hospital - Matt and other come running out with a grriny.* "Come on!"
Narrator: "to one of their own"
Rescuers, a body and Cluadia being shown who's on it. Dark hair. Horriftied reaction.
Narrator: "forever?"
Cluadia with Molly.
Molly: "Kristina!" *crying*
*A wheel spins and lands on 'JOKER'*
Elizabeth is holding a small saddal. "OMG"
Ramona: "A very particular Hell awaits you."
*Lucky lifts something off of someone.*
*Carly and Jax in panic. *
*Alexis is 'sitting' on the ground *
*Someone gets slightly hit by the car. Dark clothes, male. *
*Sonny's running around looking for some one.*
*Jason's stunned.*

Starts Friday. The "Death" will be on the 8th, i guess. Longer cliffhanger, with the long weekend too.
Also promo music is 'Last Train Home' by Ryan Star

looks epic, i sure hope so.

Tags: daytime emmys, music: ryan star, tv: general hospital

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