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dark-alone [userpic]

General Hospital Carnival

September 2nd, 2009 (04:30 pm)
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I've figured it out, and by figured out i mean they basically set it all up in today's ep.

yes yes i'm going soap fangirl for a few days, just bare with me.

Andrea Floyd, the mayor's wife, is gonna basically poison Edward. It's some kind of drug she stole from the hospital that causes heat failure in patients with heart conditions. Yesterday she came across Edward at the hospital and he told her he saw her at the Metro (hotel) the night her husband's mistress was killed. AKA Edward can place her at the scene of the crime, at the right time. So she's plotting to kill Edward now. She's already trying to frame Alexis for the murder of the mistress, after finding out her husband and Alexis slept together once.

Anyways on today's ep we see Edward celebrating his test results at the hotel, when Monica joins him (Monica is Alan's widow, Edward is her father-in-law; she also a doctor) Edward tells her not to start with him, that he passed his tests, for his heart and cholesterol. Monica shows him a flyer for the Carnival which is being held for The Michael Corthinros (i can't spell it :/ ) Wing of the hospital, to earn money for it. (we know how well the last event went with the poison gas, that basically makes you suffocate and all) She asks if he'll go to the opening of the event here at the hotel to smooze and get the high rollers to donate huge sums. He agrees, though admits it's boring those kind of events. (Michael is his great grandson, and Monica's Grandson) Monica says she'll have the driver take him to the carnival afterwards. Edward says he can drive himself, he knows his limits. (He plans on having 2 martinis) He says if she's that concerned she should stay home, and drive him herself, instead of going to that medical convention. Monica says she knows all to well what happens when the town as big events, and rather not be here for another one. (good thing, cuz they love knocking off Quartermaines, and anyone older than 25)

So Andrea will drug Edward at the hotel tomorrow, cuz she'll be there of course. It will take time for it to set in, and he will be driving at that time. Edward will wind up plowing through the fair grounds, unable to stop. Through families, parents, and children.

The carnival music started during the end of today's ep. And Jason will try to get out of wearing a pink tie, erm.. wait... Jason called Sam to invite her to the carnival, at Maxie's urging. Sonny invited Kristina to come to the carnival with him and the boys. The boys, of course will be going with Jax and Carly, and their bodyguard Dominic. Kristina was seen talking on her cell saying how she didn't get in trouble at all, and that her dad even gave her $200 for a new dress, all the while she drove w/o a license, ran Claudia off the road, never stopped to check to see if she was okay, Claudia lost her baby (also Sonny's, meaning she killed her baby brother); ran off with her half bro Michael who thought he did it, and never told him otherwise; and now doesn't get punished, not even grounded. What?

It would be great if she was the one killed, but sadly they like STUPID females on this soap. They may start out with a brain, but it doesn't last long: Elizabeth, Olivia, Alexis.....