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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks


1.      Beyond The Wasteland-FFVII ACC Version
2.     Sign-ACC Long Version
3.     Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII-ACC Orchestra Version
5.     不安な心-FFVII ACC Version    
6.     Materia-FFVII ACC Version    
7.     Black Water-FFVII ACC Version    
8.     Battle in the Forgotten City-FFVII ACC Version    
9.     Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII-ACC Piano Version
10.     更に闘う者達-FFVII ACC Version    
11.     The Case of Highway-FFVII ACC Version
12.     Advent:One-Winged Angel-ACC Long Version    
13.     Aerith's Theme-ACC Long Version    

On the Way to a Smile - Episode Denzel -

14.     夜明け ~FFVIIのテーマ アレンジバージョン~    
15.     疑心    
16.     陽だまり    
17.     赤い空    
18.     青い空    
19.     つなぐ心 ~ティファのテーマ アレンジバージョン~    
20.     約束    
21.     On the Way to a Smile -EPISODE DENZEL-

320 kbps | Scans

please to do not re-share. thx.
enjoy! ^_^
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