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New Anime


okay so i've watched raw so far:

Nyan Koi!
Seiken no Blacksmith

BLACKSMITH was awesome. If you like fantasy and swordplay, you'll like this. Also Seigfried is played by Ryoutarou, and he does speak in this ep, tho cloaked. Reimei and Gau from Nabari no Ou are the two mains: Cecily and Luke. Luke's cool. I like him lots already.

Nyan Koi! is more of a comedy and lots of cats. main character is allergic to cats too, btw. Fukuyama Jun is a cat and a classmate.... will he voice other characters? who knows, maybe. lol The girl who was Ai-chan in True Tears is in this ep as well, as main girl/love interest/cat lover.

also watched Pandora Hearts ep 25 & Basquash! 26 both were great.
Basquash! is awesomeness and i will miss it.
Tags: anime: basquash, anime: seiken no blacksmith, seiyuu: fukuyama jun, seiyuu: okiayu ryoutarou

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