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Miracle Train spam


okay so join that if you like the show. ^^

OP montage by Fumi Roppongi, Rintaro Shinjuku, Iku Shiodome, Itsumi Ryogoku (KENN, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kaji Yuuki, Morita Masakazu)

ED stories by Kita Shuuhei

CD Release Dates

OP Single - Oct 21st - 4 tracks: montage, yell from 42.3 and the karaokes - YesAsiaCDJapan
ED Single - Nov 11th - YesAsiaCDJapan

Character Singles all Nov 25th (YesAsia links)
Character Song Vol.1 Roppongi Fumi - KENN
Character Song Vol.2 Tocho Saki - Sugita Tomokazu
Character Song Vol.3 Shinjuku Rintarou - Okiayu Ryoutarou

Ishida Akira plays Tokugawa the puppy!  ^o^

Seiyuu overload from this show. Majorly.
Ono Dai-chan, Okiayu, Morita, Sugita, Ishitan....

Sugita's station is the leader too! 

So go out and grab the .ass file and one of the raws and watch watch WATCH!

Tags: anime: miracle train, seiyuu: fujiwara keiji, seiyuu: ishida akira, seiyuu: kaji yuki, seiyuu: kenn, seiyuu: morita masakazu, seiyuu: okiayu ryoutarou, seiyuu: ono daisuke, seiyuu: sugita tomokazu

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