dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Packages recieved

(i love this icon *___*)

First up is HobbyLinkJapan - $12.34 Customs on this baby. :/

I love the boxes


sorry about the flash, the nonflash one was way to icky.

NEXT package from rain_of_mind which is according to Canada Post sitting in Vancouver... okay than....
I love bags btw...

Now that's a lot of BASARA LOVE *____*

and finally the YesAsia package....


I'm in overflow mode of happiness-love-filled-joyousness i must say.
I've now pre-ordered the 2 SEGA kuro figs that come out in Feb. Sebby #2 and Grell, just because i've seen the niceness of the 2 above.
Tags: anime: 07-ghost, anime: kuroshitsuji, anime: sengoku basara, jmags: prince animage, merch, merch: figures, pic spam

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