dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Prop Plus Petit Macross Frontier Movie

Got them. They are so cute!

Sending one of the Sheryl's to a friend as per the arrangement so get a Date Masamune figure from him. ^^

i opened them in the car, i couldn't wait til a got home to take pics XD

I flailed when i opened Luca's before finding a Brera. It's natural to panic, isn't it? >.>

I almost lost Klan's body in the car when it flew out of my hands. *insert freak out panic here*


that's truly vector worthy.
Tags: anime: kobato, anime: macross frontier, chara: alto saotome, chara: brera sterne, chara: klan, chara: micheal blanc, chara: ranka, merch, merch: figures, stores: hobby link japan

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