dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Yesterday was World AIDS Day

I went #red on twitter; spammed facebook at least twice, but did nothing here. -_-''''

I wore my red ribbon to work and about. Not one person asked about it. Either they knew or didn't care, it was senior's day after all.

Got my first xmas gift yesterday. From Kai. The Revoltech Yamaguchi seris no. 079 Date Masamune. It's not the most user friendly figure in the world, but it's so cool. Took me 20 mins to figure out the stand, not that i can get it to attach to Date tho D: I've tried over and over and over. lol

The Bay started their 1 Day sales yesterday as well. It was on Christmas trees. Also it being senior's day, a lot of old ppl were buying them up. lol Maybe that's why I didn't get too many annoying customers. I also didn't get my stock done, but fuck them anyway for giving me just 4 hrs. (that's 2 days @ 4 hrs = 8 hrs per week) I don't even try to get it all done now.
Tags: life: work

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