dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

RIP Jack

My Aunt's dog Jack was hit by a car.
So this is Jack:


He was awesome. Just a few months older than Sebastian. Sure, he loved to hump my leg, but i was fine with it.
He would lay on his side with his belly up when he wanted to be petted.
He'd  'dance' for food.
Shake a paw.
Jump on Laps. (small dog, ya know)
Sleep under covers with unexpecting people. IE my Dad XD
- When we'd be up at the cottage (my aunt's) she'd bring Jack. It may have been in May when my Dad had Jack as a bed buddy lol
Jack loved his family in this order: Karen (my aunt), Kori (cousin), Megan (Cousin), and George (uncle).

and now that i'm all sad talking about him i'll stop.
I know, i know, it's not the happiest first entry of the year, but i needed to post this.
Tags: rip

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