dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Moving pt 2

We had a guy in today from the movers to make a list of the big items that we'll need help with for the move.

Just your regular items:

small freezer (only big thing in the kitchen that we own)
table & 4 chairs; another chair; a fake leather chair and foot rest thing
2 nesting tables (so 6 if your counting)
this odd shelf unit; entertainment cupboard thingy
mom's exercise bike
2 double beds (2 mattresses; 2 box springs; 2 bed frames)
mom's huge ass, yet nice, dresser; 2 typewritter desks; computer desk; chair-swing thing
outside bench - plastic; 2   outside chairs; 2 small AC units....

my room: 'wow there's more in here then the rest of the place' <-- yes, the guy so said that. LOL
computer desk w hutch
folding desk
end table

But looking back now... i suppose having the one closet door open may not have been a good idea.... I mean everything on my walls are "PG-13" seriously, but that one Getbackers pullout (possibly only 1 of 2 that NT USA ever made for the girls) isn't the best thing to direct at anyone. lol

Frank (retailer guy) setup one last look at the place before we get the keys on the 25th, for tomorrow @ 12:15pm
Plan on taking some pics to look at while packing and plotting.

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