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dark-alone [userpic]

Sum up the scene

January 9th, 2010 (07:31 pm)
music: Sekiyama Aika - Solitary Serenade | Powered by Last.fm

In short I was catching up on Fairy Tail 9-12
watched 9 yesterday, and some of 10 befre computer KOed self.

So today was rest of 10, to 12....

* &Raven_Night is catching up on fairy tail and notes NamiDai
* Metal-Turk| has joined #animeost
* GaTeKeePeR sets mode: +v Metal-Turk|
<Bu-Bu|PS> .•«04WB(Metal-Turk|)WB»•. - «+Metal-Turk|» o___o «+Metal-Turk|» I almost typed latex >__> «+Metal-Turk|» wtf is wrong with me right now <____< «+Bu-Chan» TURK LIKES LATEX! «+Metal-Turk|» I DO NOT «+Metal-Turk|» well, at least I didn't say that I like spandex «+Bu-Chan» you like that too? «+Metal-Turk|» no «+Metal-Turk|» I loathe spandex «+Bu-Chan» LIEZ!
<&Raven_Night> my only question is.... why does he have to be the bad guy again?
<&Raven_Night> *____________________* Konitan's character is in it too!
<&Raven_Night> tho he should have been cuter lol

<&Raven_Night> whee! more Konitan! *is on ep 11 now*
<&Raven_Night> LOLZ Gray is too... cute....
<&Raven_Night> honestly.... you-kyan could be a talking pile of shit and i'd still think he was cute....... >.>'''''''''''''''''
<+Metal-Turk|> lol
<&Raven_Night> it's all in the voice... tho RL You-kyan is cute too XD

<&Raven_Night> gah! it's Megumi-chan! again! again! in a series with You-kyan!
<&Raven_Night> beware the moon iceman err-- Gray
<&Raven_Night> Kyouichi! it's fucking Kyouichi!  actually oddly... there's a lot of Tokyo Majin ppls....
<&Raven_Night> i'm okay.. okay... *breathes calmly* tho i now want to watch tokyo majin....
<&Raven_Night> it's too bad Shimono Hiro isn't in this....
<&Raven_Night> gah! durarararara came out and i forgot about it!
<&Raven_Night> kaji yuuki is using the deepest voice i've ever heard him use... *_*

<&Raven_Night> okay time for durararara
<&Raven_Night> gah... more seiyuu nosebleed death.... tho been a bit since i've heard Mamo-chan
<&Raven_Night> he's kind of annoying.... -_-
<&Raven_Night> gah! i forgot You-kyan is in this one too *dies*
<Bu-Bu|PS> YAAY I've done 3/7 Characters in my fanart!
<Bu-Bu|PS> Durarara is cool!
<Bu-Bu|PS> I saw that this afternoon

I meant Mamo-chan's character is kind of annoying not, Mamo-chan, just to clear that one up. XD



Posted by: I'm a cute beandog (ringoshiba)
Posted at: January 10th, 2010 07:30 am (UTC)
Basara * Mouri-kun - has infoz

Durarara looks like it'll be AWESOME.

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: January 10th, 2010 04:44 pm (UTC)

yes, much better than anything i've seen for this season so far, as well.

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