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I just grabbed the Seiken no Blacksmith Character Song & Talk CD

and although the songs are.... all girls there are 5 tracks that are a Talk Special with Fujimura Ayumi & Okamoto Nobuhiko & Toyoguchi Megumi & Toyosaki Aki - Luke and the girls, the girls that get songs, so i ask why not the boy?

That a side the Talk tracks are very entertaining, and they seem to have had fun doing it. ^^

This Album includes 3 character songs, plus the off vocals for them (6 tracks) + the Talk Special (5 tracks) for a grand total of 11 tracks.

The character songs are as follows:

I don't stop - Cecily (Fujimura Ayumi) <--a little too high or something for me.... reminds me of something sailor moonish, but don't know why.
Friend ~Hitori ja nai Kara~ - Aria (Toyoguchi Megumi) <--  I think i can leave this one on my playlist, it's a bit slow, but not bad.
Apron DAYS by Lisa (Toyosaki Aki) <-- another happy upbeat sounding song from her. could dance along with it. XD
Tags: anime: seiken no blacksmith, seiyuu: okamoto nobuhiko, seiyuu: toyoguchi megumi, seiyuu: toyosaki aki

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