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moving pt 3

you see the place we're getting was re-carpeted everywhere except the family room in the basement. The guy put in new floors in the living room (lamanent sp?) and in the kitchen and front door way.

So the top floor is all beige carpet with a really good puffy thing under it. Except the bathroom of course. the stairs are Californian style or something, meaning you can see through them.

The main floor's 2 piece bathroom is at the top of the stairs down.

The stairs down to the basement are carpeted as is the hallway with the same beige. The utility room is unfinished, as most are, with  just a cement floor and drain. Oddly there's a shower in there. I know weird. Defiantly need a stepping system and a heater if using it.

So the family room, which is gonna be my room. It's well...

it's panelling... and not just regular panelling, but textured stuff.

Yes we are gonna paint it.... @_@ See Tuesday & Wednesday. (Jan 26-27th)

Now we plan on painting it ourselves, a light grey (still working on the colour). We have (in theory) Floormasters coming in on the Thursday morning to do the carpeting, as advised by Frank (our Realtor) the same morning the movers are coming to move the big items for us.

The carpet colour:

So Frank, also said since, as seen in the pics above there is no baseboard that we should get some. Which Ross (FloorMasters guy) said he does that too. So we're like okay then we'll go for that as well. But we needed to pick a colour. So we'd get back to him about what colour. Frank Said we could go a lighter grey and make the walls the same colour, or go bold and use white.

Okay now pay real close attention...

mom said she'd contact Ross for a time we could pick our baseboard colour. We were talking about the baseboard, and decided to go white, since the doors and trim are white, and so is the window. So yesterday she callsRoss to tell him we want white baseboards, and he says he already ordered grey ones! *insert freak out* He also says tho, that it shouldn't be a problem getting rid of the grey. Mom asks if she can get a sample piece of the grey carpet, so we can pick out a nice lighter grey to use for the walls. Ross tells her he'll leave a piece in the window at the shop for her to pick up tomorrow (which was today). Okay cool. My mom heads out there at her lunch to pick it up, but the shop's closed and there's a note on the door saying to call a number if needed. so she does, and someone from the warehouse (i assume they don't normally do the office things) comes up and has no clue about the sample, and then this girl comes in, whom my mom has talked to on the phone before a couple times, who is a blank slate, knows nothing, but that Ross is at a funeral in windsor, so the guy calls him!

Anyways after all that Ross says he'll drop off a sample at the apartment @ 7pm.... wait for it... he shows up pulling in this big piece of BEIGE carpet! My mom's like: wth.... @_@  Ross is like what did you want the white for than? Mom: the baseboard....


i really don't want a mystery colour carpet to be put in while here with the movers geting things out. Then getting there, and finding more BEIGE, and not grey, which may look ugly with the grey walls....

*falls over dead*

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