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Shounen Onmyouji

I'm lovin' this series too pieces.
I've seen things in this series that I normally don't see it others until they are ending.
You know those trumatic moments, where you are worried about certain characters.
And the subbing isn't too far behind either.
Just got 7 subbed, and watched 9 raw.
(watch 9 if you haven't already)
Yes Young Seimei makes an appearance, so red alert for Ishida Akira fans.

Noda Junko as Mokkun
Konishi Katsuyuki as Guren (PoT - Kajimoto; Loveless - Soubi)
Kaida Yuki as Abeno Masahiro Abeno (PoT - Fuji)
Ishida Akira as Abeno Seimei (young) (PoT - Mizuki; GS/GSD - Athrun)
Takahashi Hiroki as Rikugou (PoT - Eiji; Loveless - Kinka)
Fukuyama Jun as Fujiwarano Toshitsugu (PoT OVA - Oshitari Kenya)
Minagawa Junko as Genbu (PoT - Ryoma; Loveless - Ritsuka)
Suzumura Kenichi as Suzaku (GSD)
Canna Nobutoshi as Abeno Narichika
Tanaka Rie as Tenitsu (GS/GSD)
Hayamizu Risa as Kouchin (GS/GSD)
Kobayashi Sanae as Fujiwarano Akiko (Loveless - Nagisa)
Seki Toshihiko as Fujiwarano Yukinari (GS/GSD)
Morikawa Toshiyuki as Seiryuu
Mugihito as Abeno Seimei

Morikawa was in Haruka, as was Ishida; plus they both are in Night Head.
And Canna was in Meine Liebe with Ishida, & SekiToshi. Also InuYasha with Morikawa, Noda, SekiToshi, Morikawa, Ishida & Mugihito.
Mugihito was also Zhang in BBB, as well as, Fukuyama.

So does everyone have a friend now?

One more for poor Noda.... Bleach, with Konishi, Fukuyama, ToshiSeki, & Morikawa. ^^

Now back to the icky sickness.
Tags: anime: shounen onmyouji, seiyuu

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