dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

.... ALIVE!

wow been over a week since i posted an entry! Not since last tuesday. But i'm totally alive!

Now with the fangirl/boy craze that is Durarara!! or DRRR my current vector is.....

(i know i know you totally thought it would be Izaya right? me too. it was gonna be but... then i saw this illustration in the 3rd novel...)

First update on DA.

Then yesterday...

i decided he was too pale. Plus teeth!
yeah, i know, i know... but i was at work yesterday, first shift this yr, and for 6 hrs. However not back till next thursday for 3.5hrs...

power just went off for no reason, just now, but thankfully LJ remembered my entry for me!

I pre-ordered a couple glasses from CDJapan today..... here's a link to one of them. LINK. Should be hard to find the other one. lol
Tags: anime: durarara, chara: heiwajima shizuo, graphics: vector, merch, stores: cdjapan

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