dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

where's my raw?

too bad i can't wait up any longer for DRRR 7 to appear.

but to make up for that lackingness... i watched ep 2 & 3 of Tokyo Dogs

ep 3....

Shun really does playing the oddest, yet interesting characters, doesn't he?

Shit.. i have that same bowl.. 2 of them actually... >.>


also peeking...

"Help me, damnit!"

okay end pic spam...


okay some more cuz welli can't help myself....

that's right.. the doctor was so cool

you'll have to see it for this one to be explained...

gah horrible has drr 7 out but it's too late for me.. and this post is making me stay up later enough lol.
Tags: actor: ikuta toma, actor: mizushima hiro, actor: oguri shun, pic spam, tv: hanazakari no kimitachi e, tv: tokyo dogs

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