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XD soooo sorry! since my last entry was titled 'ANNOYED' i couldn't help myself. lol

anyways my mom forwarded me this:

Our Father, who art in BC Place, hockey be thy name, thy will be done. GOLD to be WON on Ice as well as IN THE STANDS, give us this day, our hockey sticks and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross check against us. Lead us not into elimination but deliver us to victory, in the name of the Fans, CANADA... and the HOLY PUCK. AMEN!

CANADA VS USA for Gold tomorrow @ 3pmish or something.

As in stands Canada has 13 gold medals. *___*

Joannie Rochette who lost her mom earlier, earned a well deserved bronze. She performed tonight at the gala as well to a celine dion song that her mom loved.
Tags: hockey, olympics, vancouver 2010

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