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i'm sitting here staring at the Oofuri pullout in pash! which is also on the cover (pullout is on the reverse of Durarara figures)
and i'm thinkin about vectoring it, ya know, right? and then as im STARING at it i after some time notice.. well i noticed Abe's shoes right away actually, but later noticed his pants were blue.. followed by Tajima wearing catcher's gear, and Mihashi is also sporting baseball gear.. so wth? should i be concerned about Abe not playing baseball in the 2nd season? or is it just random?

i don't read the manga at all. Don't get me wrong i love Tajima (Shimono Hiro) but-- but-- Abe is You-kyan! this is the role that got me into him!

i'm sure it's fine...
Tags: anime: oofuri, seiyuu: nakamura yuuichi, seiyuu: shimono hiro

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