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i've got the perfect novel pic of izaya to vector, but...

i've just started an Oofuri one D: And still waiting on my OP Single cuz i want to vector a pair from the image there...

I've also watched Durarara ep 9 *_________*

I've also audio-ed the ep in 192kbps; clips: most are 320kbps, some saved as 192 by mistake >.>'''''

and did up 2 Izaya related clips... which would be labelled much better if i had seen a sub. XD

Izaya: ah hai hai (or hi hi, but i'll assume it was yes yes lol)
Izaya at the end of the episode.
(i'm better at this with a sub for reference)
Full episode

and then while waiting for those to upload a made a few more...
(and forgot to tag them lol)

Izaya haha
Izaya Stalker short
Izaya Stalker
Izaya Wait

and now i wanna watch Natsume... becuase of the music... and HiroC
Tags: anime: durarara, chara: heiwajima shizuo, chara: orihara izaya, episode audio, seiyuu: kamiya hiroshi, seiyuu: ono daisuke

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