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"Effective January 4, 2010, YesAsia.com offers Standard and Express shipping options to Canada. At the same time, our Priority shipping option is discontinued. "
i think that's why it's taking much, much longer than normal. Damn them anyway. 'Priority' sounds 10x faster than 'standard'.
that just sucks in my opinion.

I think i've got enough 'alice' related music on my playlist to rule the world. XD
Pandora Hearts OSTs
alice OST (mini-series shown on syfy in the US; showcase in Canada in 2009. Canada-Britain Production. Very awesome)
Almost Alice
Alice in wonderland (through looking glass? it's her return to wonderland after all idiots) OST by Danny Elfman

Almost Alice has songs by Avril Lavigne, Shinedown, tokio hotel feat Kerli(?_?), and a bunch of other ppl who really don't sound good, and some i just don't like. lol oh and an awful cover of jefferson airplane's White Rabbit, which sound like bjork to me, which defiantly equals fail.
They've (Disney) got The Cure's Robert Smith singing 'very good advice' which is from the original animated alice in wonderland... that's just wrong. BTW if you didn't know yeah i'm truly anti-disney

other news....
I ordered alice (2009) on blu-ray from amazon.ca and also selected a couple books: 'The Last Unicorn' by Peter Beagle and 'The NeverEnding Story' by Michael Ende. Both books i've thought about reading, and soon i'll have no excuse not too. XD I recommend both movies, BTW.

Amazon.ca order with CG R2 pt 4 (which bandai failed to notify them this time about delay #1) is still being located (which is why bandai needs to tell them it's delayed til apr now), so they've shipped Gakuen Heaven to me separate that's coming today. It was on sale, so i thought why not. lol
Tags: books, composer: danny elfman, movies: alice, movies: alice in wonderland 2010, music: avril lavigne, music: shinedown

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