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First off.  What is it with me and movies that Fujiwara Tatsuya is in? Somebody tell me! Please!
Grand total of 3  so far. >.>  Battle Royale, Battle Royale 2, and now this one... Death Note

Well at least he's not moping (mope + ing, not mopping >>)  spouting words of peace this time, while commanding an army of kids.  Instead, he's possibly completely insane. >.>

Ryuku & Light


Light meet L



He killed Shiro!!! err-- Shiori (i was close)His own girlfriend! Interesting plot twist from the anime. And as always it moves much much faster then the anime too.  I need to read the manga and compare.

ps: that person in the pic on my last entry was none other then Mamoru. ^^
Tags: actor: fujiwara tatsuya, anime: death note

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