dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Shizu-chan dropped his cigarette...

and somewhere in there just before "half time" I almost wanted to throw away the series.

If you didn't know i was a big Baccano! fan until the focus shifted to the annoying couple, at which time it went to shit.
and then they fucking shove them into this show? "well fuck you," i was thanking, but then they went to Mikado's past and creation of dollars, and completely won me back.

then it ended suddenly in a cliffhanger moment and i wished it was 5hrs long instead of 23mins... and then the raw file and/or my computer fucked it up and then started w/o sound for the preview. i then opened it in MPC and the sound was off for the preview, but what ever, there was audio and i want that ep now!

that reminds me.. you should all totally check out my profile page.
Tags: anime: durarara

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