dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

episode 11 audio clips

there's 18... yeah i know.. how is there 18!?!?!

Erika: Dotachin! Dotachin!
Erika & Kyohei: Dotachin! stop calling me that!
Gang gets their calls from "admin"
Crazy Togusa & Red Lights
Kyohei: Togusa You're running Red Lights!
Kyohei: Togusa
Kyohei: Red Lights!!
Kyohei: Togusa... I'll leave the rest to you
Togusa: Yeah... apparently
Togusa: few words...
Simon, Shizuo & Izaya's reactions to headless Certy
Izaya: So fun!
Izaya: Laugh
Izaya: Laugh 2
Izaya: this is more than i excepted! this is fun. so fun!
Seiji krazy boy!
he totally wants his Celty back
full episode

-i fail- lol
Tags: anime: durarara, audio rips, chara: heiwajima shizuo, chara: kadota kyohei, chara: orihara izaya, chara: togusa saburou, chara: yagiri seiji, seiyuu: horie kazuma, seiyuu: kamiya hiroshi, seiyuu: nakamura yuuichi, seiyuu: ono daisuke, seiyuu: terashima takuma

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