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BestBuy Canada

cuz there is a difference.

okay so for a while now i've been thinking about getting Tim burton's 9... and even tho the $26.00 price tag was sooo tempting i haven't picked it up yet.
and then while checking out the flyer for best buy this week my eyes feel on the $9.99 price and a selection which included 9 and Coraline among others. Both i figured at some point would be worth buying but never did.

so we hit up the BestBuy closest to us... could find them anywhere! but-- but-- BUT! there was anime on sale!
So i ended up getting Devil May Cry the complete series for $29.99 (reg $43.99). TB was also for that price, but i already have all the parts...

My mom found Elivria: Mistress of the Dark so we picked it up as well, and headed on down to the south end of the city for the other BB. Found both 9 & Coraline there. good deals all around, if i must say so myself. ^^

hmm what else....?
had a weird dream while napping today.. don't remember too much about it.. just 3 people, the me in the dream, a small girl, and a weird guy. defiantly got anime on the brain... or something. the weird guy i think was good looking, but i don't know if i was into him or if he was just there, or attempting to protect us (me and that other girl) from something unknown. I do remember he was taller than me and wearing odd clothing, although i can't remember why it was odd, only saying so to the little girl as we were walking somewhere (outside)  and a cop was looking strangely at him. I said something like 'I guess he's trying to figure out his clothing.'  Black & White... mainly white. But i was wearing a mainly black short sleeved top, with white around the end of the sleeves, and running down along side the zipper...
There was something about them being worried cuz i was out driving too long, and i said i was just right there, like there was nothing to be worried about. (i don't drive in RL btw) we walked around out side a bit before and after passing that before mentioned cop. Then the little girl entered into a building or a barn or something. It was sick inside. pieces of flesh and god knows what all all over the place, walls, floor.. liquidness...  but the girl kept on going, and we followed... there was this great big room with a very high ceiling, so high i couldn't see the top. It was like we were inside a stomach or something. there was this wooden rope bridge that crossed over a liquid the girl ran across like it was nothing. I didn't seem like i wanted to cross it, but the guy went in front of me and started to across, which i found odd, cuz normally he just followed us, right? so then i decided i should go too, and then the place started to shake and large hunks of debris starting falling down from above... then i woke up! in the dream i mean. I called out and that guy was there, I said that i had had a weird dream, and he spoke, and said he knew, that he had had the same dream and woke up just before i did. He woke up after one of those debris pieces had fallen on him, and then i remembered a piece was about to crush me as well. Then he hugged me... @_@ Next the little girl screamed from her room... that's it folks. I personally woke up.

it's kind of disturbing when you type it out what you remember... cuz usually i remember a little bit more detail as i go along, ya know.. and then i think why am i dreaming about this odd shit? lol

so my icon... did they have Izaya that close to Mikado's mouth cuz they knew fangirls would love it?
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