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dark-alone [userpic]

finally i has Noe's image song!

April 13th, 2010 (08:26 pm)
music: Iguchi Yuka - Aikotoba | Powered by Last.fm

[Nipponsei] True Tears Image Mini Album ~Nostalgic Arietta~

1. Namida no Kioku - eufonius
2. Katagoshi no Sora - eufonius
3. Mou Hitotsu no Sora <-- Noe
4. Ame no Yoru Niji no Asa <--boring erm i mean Hiromi
5. Aikotoba <-- Ai-chan



Just d/led this today. So finally i get to hear Noe's song. bout bloody time!


Posted by: Sapphire Pyro (sapphire_pyro)
Posted at: April 15th, 2010 04:45 am (UTC)
Akagami no Shirayukihime: OTP

NO DUET WITH HER BRO OR ALSO JUN'S IMAGE SONG???!!! that sucks =_= thanks for sharing~

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: April 15th, 2010 02:07 pm (UTC)
Jun look

the boy's didn't get songs did they?

cuz i would have loved a Miyokichi song ^^
He and Jun were my favs.. and Noe of course.

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