dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Supernatural 5.18 ep #100 - Point of No Return

Title: ??? Phantom of the Opera? LOL

I did a shitload more.. i'll try to post more later... maybe. lol no promises.


it's occurred to me i've stopped using my 'moods' no idea when or why. but picked one!
Tags: actor: jared padalecki, actor: jensen ackles, chara: sam winchester, pic spam, tv: supernatural

  • Got the item from Sou in the mail today

    It arrived safely today soubi_from_afar the LOVELESS artbook. Now i just need to make a slot for it amongst the other artbooks/fanbooks...

  • Watched this week's Un-Go

    and finally FINALLY saw something that resembled Kouga Yun's art. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! The Novelist (oddly or not voiced by Kaji Yuki) Hoping to see…

  • neglect

    sorry got a computer game D: so haven't done anything else! WAHHH! okay I've been looking at gifties for S tho I'm totally slow.…

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