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I could live there. Really.

Neo Tokyo. I could live at that store, I swear it!
Okay headed back there today to get Blood+ OST I. (i know i know... but i wanted them both. And to be able to say I OWNED them.)
Also picked up the One Shot called Gakuen Heaven, and I must say....


You know with me being the Konishi fangirl that I am, and Niwa being his character in the anime, i was let down by the lack of him.
BUT the manga made up for it. In soooo many ways. *drool/blush*

What did Santa give to you?
Let's see... DVDs? CDs? yes to both.
A sickness? -_- that too... damn him.

The LIst:
Season 1 - Prison Break
Season 2 - House
Season 9 - Stargate SG1 (how could i not? Ben Bowder's in it!!!) <-- bought it for myself. -_-'''''
CD - AFI - Decemberunderground
CD - Hinder - ...um... Extreme Behavior! (almost forgot)
CD - Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

a big teddy bear >.> (dad's gf give it to me)
an xlg t-shirt kiddie size -_- (also from my dad's gf)
a small zebra lamp (yes her again)
a rollup piano >.> (it's interesting really)
some lovely paint brushes
a couple of mugs
bath things...
$2 tim horton's coupon
okay that's all i can remember.
Tags: anime: gakuen heaven, manga, seiyuu: konishi katsuyuki, stores: neo tokyo, xmas

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