dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

wow. i think i've been under-posting lately

i blame twitter.

i've been wanting to vector Luka for a while now, and in light of recent durarara comic-like wallpaper ness, i think i want to do a collage of sorts with a select of guys frm uraboku.

Being a pre-anime fan i have my likes and hates of the characters already, i also know shit that's gonna happen, and such... I also know when they've added stuff and cut away things. *worry* And then there's the cast, of which couldn't get much better. although has nothing to do with this entry.

this is my idea in manga cutoutness. (i even printed them out to play with the pre-sized order lol)
Toko-chan doesn't appear, because she's a girl... tho i feel bad not having her shoved in there with Tsukumo... srsly bad.

okay Tsukumo will be slightly bigger now. I was staring at it just now and thought: 'damn he's tiny'
i think i might change Hotsuma's pic cuz he might look funny w/o an arm...

okay now it looks like that ---^
i'll omit the 'strip' for now tho.
so now there's also Toko, Senshiro. Ice cream Kuroto didn't make the cut however. :/

oops forgot to post again. lol
Tags: anime: uraboku

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