dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

wow. ice bitch strikes again

she's decided to give Mary-Anne's section (Housewares/Linens/China) to Carmen, thusly moving Mary-Anne to Ladies Accessories/Shoes/Lingerie/ Kids. I'm not too happy about this at all. IceBitch needs to get over herself. Pity her kids. Pity them loves. She has no heart. She has no compassion.

Welcome to zetrine  & hopelessosaka 

My journal is for anything and everything. It's randomly locked and not locked.
One week i could be spamming it with entries for one series, and then nothing afterwards.
I do know what an LJ cut is, but sometimes choose not to use it.
I do however cut for possible spoilers.
I have a cat named Sebastian, not to be confused with the butler from Kuroshitsuji, altho named after him.

Awesome packaging so they wouldn't break during SAL (cheapest shipping i could get)
There was newsprint, extra cardboard for space taking up-age, and of course bubble wrap!

That's right.. they spelled Shizuo right. ^^ DigiCam wanted to blur Shizuo everytime. Dunno why.

They are oh so pretty and nice, and shiny!
Plus bigger then i thought they'd be.
Completely worth 1000yen each. ^^
Tags: anime: durarara, chara: heiwajima shizuo, chara: orihara izaya, life: work, merch
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