dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

UraBoku 5


note one: van ride
Yuki wakes up and Luka is not sleeping, he does sleep tho in a bit, so there went my fav scene during that part. >.<

note two: Hotsuma & Shusei
side intro - gone
the police station thing was a but wonky

Taka wants to speak to Luka alone - check
Red Balloon floats into sky as Yuki watches from station window.... check-- err WTF?
^-- Yuki looks down at man um, man-handling a little girl and runs down to help her. He does does some awesome/cool moves and gets the man off her. It's all epic and shit. Enter Hotsuma: RETARD (to Yuki lol); Yuki's all 'you were worried about me. you're awesome!' *star-eyes* Hotsuma: .... retard, don't touch me. are you really that Yuki?' More Black Creatures come. Hotsuma uses his awesome flames to torch them, and then Luka pops up. Yuki says Hotsuma saved him (like in the anime, only the manga had more beasties than 1) and then they fight a bit, since they hate each other lol, Hotsuma: ''bout time you got here'. Hotsuma also mentions Luka was one of thier enemies and will never trust him. Then more baddies come along (like a small army of them) and the pair have to fight together. We get to see Hotsuma's weapon... and the girl starts strangling Yuki, cuz she's possessed ya know. Yuki gets it out of her, and Shusei comes in with his orb action.. Taka shows up with some guys, Hotsuma's arm is bleeding so Shusei licks it.. those 2 go off together.. you see? "Let's just skip a chapter! and see what happens?"

I dunno maybe they'll continue with this next week, and have Hotsuma & Shusei come out of that building again to partake in the fight... maybe.

is it still a spoiler if it isn't in the anime? that is the question at hand.
Tags: anime: uraboku

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