dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Izaya Love?

Psychedelic Dreams
by ~headstro on deviantART

got that done.
also new layout here. dark_alone .dark_alone .dark_alone .dark_alone .dark_alone  dark_alone  dark_alone

got something in the mail today...

Thank you very much [info]soubi_no_kissu  !!!!

opened it on my bed... well no first i started to open it upstairs but Sebastian was making eyes at it, so i scooped up everything and took it downstairs to my room... and then since I was up there making my lunch, i went back up for the food. lol

then i finished opening thingies ^_^
yes i read the note first... i did. i really did.

Things to taste and try out... and something that you don't eat or drink per say. lol

I may or may not have squealed slightly when i saw the clearfile...  may have to pop in a the dollarPlus store tomorrow and get another big frame lol
And it's true.. Izaya's ring isn't plain!

Now the back of the DRRR merch cuz i know you wanna see:

Thank yous muchly for this lovely lovely lovely package!
Tags: anime: durarara, chara: heiwajima shizuo, chara: mikado ryugamine, chara: orihara izaya, life, seiyuu: konishi katsuyuki, seiyuu: miyano mamoru

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