dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


Yesterday... it was just before the storm hit. I could hear slight thunder sounds.
I was in my room (in the basement yo) and i thought i heard my mom upstairs, since it was about that time for her to get home from work.
I was working on my Izaya wallpaper in PS so i didn't go up right away. I had had soething to eat a bit earlier and had the bowl still so i took that upstairs and i could hear humming from the 2nd floor. I smiled lightly and thought: 'someone's in a good mood' and went into the kitchen, and put the bowl in the sink. That when i noticed my mom's car wasn't here. But someone was humming upstairs.

I headed back to the stairs and heard loudish music... I thought that the neighbours were cleaning again or something and decided to blast country music. Sebastian (kitteh) was halfway up the steps. I passed by him to realize that the music was coming from our side. My mom's CD player was on! It was playing the first track on the CD. All... By.. Itself! I turned it off and headed back down.

Tags: life: stories

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