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So on... what day is it today? Saturday... so um... Yeah on Thursday, while in Chapters (Canadian? bookstore) I for Erementar Gerad vol 2, Protoculture (Animenewsnetwork's magazine), and a Japanese cookbook.  And since have viewed a Asian cookbook their before, and finding no Japanese food within it, I decided now was the time to get this book, with only Japanese food within it.

And hence managed to convince my mom it would be fun to make something from it.

So we decided on 2 things.  Edamame (had it in a Japanese Restaurant before with friends) and broiled salmon noodle soup.

The mission? To find the ingredients. -_-  Easier said, then done, i assure you.
The needs: mirin, sake (liquor store for that), and miso paste.
Managed to find the Mirin in Loblaws, and the sake in the LCBO (avoided the draft kind this time, x_x).
However we couldn't manage to find the miso paste, so we picked up a bottle of 5 Asian Spices sauce, with included miso paste. -_-'''

It was really really good too! ^___^

Also bought myself something greatly needed yesturday...

A New External Hard Drive! Clocking in at a wonderful 500GBs!!!
Boxing week sale at Futureshop, for only $199.97; $200 off.  (in Canadian funds of course)
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