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Audio commentaries & why ppl don't listen to them

I don't understand why people don't listen to Audio commentaries included on DVDs.
Would the knowledge and possible insaneness that lies within them be too much for most people?

Honestly, it's good fun. And you learn things. I love audio commentaries personally. I've been watching Doctor series 4 with commentaries.
Of course I tend to lean more towards the eps with at least one actor in them, opposed to the ones with just staff and crew.  David Tennant is especially entertaining. (for those of you who read my journal more often then not and may be thinking right now that i haven't really spoken much of doctor who, may also be wondering wth? I just got the series 4 boxset last tuesday via amazon.ca. And some bit ago i mentioned that i was gonna do this EPIC post, but never did.. well that was about me finally watching, cuz i do everything backwards if possible, the 10th doctor series 2-4) 

Then there was Saturday and this trip to bestbuy to get a certain seasons 3 & 4 of dinosaurs, cuz it's on sale for $14.99 and i have the seasons 1&2 already, and it was supposed to be an easy pickup.. but i wanted to look at the anime section and there was the guy looking at it, which is soooo rare so i made the mistake of going down the tv series section and saw that they too had Doctor Who on sale for $49.99 opposed to what each is.... and i ended up getting series 3 instead of dino... So next after completing series 4.. i'll watch series 3 with commentaries...  backwards ya?

Music, cuz even Steven & Julie know it's over looked too much and needs to be mentioned. (Steven Moffat - writer; Julie Gardner aka 'Just Julie') Please checkout the commentary for 'silence in the library' for that one. thx.  Murray Gold, the beautifully wonderful composer of the series, who is currently (at that time at least) residing in NY, I love your music. L-O-V-E it.

because i can't help myself, i shall now list my favourite tracks.

OST Series 1 & 2
The Doctor's Theme (1:20)
Rose In Peril (1:42)
I'm Coming to Get You (1:14)
Rose's Theme (2:16)
The Face of Boe (1:18)
Madame de Pompadour (3:46)
Tooth and Claw (3:52)

OST Series 3
All the Strange, Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music) (4:07)
Martha's Theme (3:42)
Boe (3:43)
The Dream of a Normal Death (1:56)
The Doctor Forever (4:18)
After the Chase (1:26)
This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home (3:17)
Martha Triumphant (2:49)
Abide With Me (2:28)

OST Series 4
Life Among The Distant Stars (2:28)
Corridors And Fire Escape (1:13)
Songs Of Captivity And Freedom (4:03)
The Doctor's Daughter (1:37)
The Doctor's Theme Series 4 (2:45)
Voyage Of The Damned Suite (10:21)
All In The Mind (1:16)
Silence In The Library (2:56)
The Greatest Story Never Told (6:16)
Turn Left (2:21)
A Dazzling End (2:14)
The Rueful Fate Of Donna Noble (2:44)
The Dark And Endless Dalek Night (3:43)
A Pressing Need To Save The World (4:50)
Song Of Freedom (2:51)
Doctor Who Closing Credits (1:07)

During the commentary for 'The Doctor's Daughter' Ben Foster makes note of the music, and they talk about themes a bit. Georgia Moffett who played Jenny, along with Cathrine Tate (Donna) were also on the commentary, and Ben made note of Jenny getting a theme, of which Georgia thought was cool, and Cathrine inquired if she had one, and Ben said she did and tried to "sing" it. and dammit that's why 'cline' (one of the soldiers) looked so familiar... merlin's friend Wil. lol Lots of merlin stars to go around. lol Colin Morgan appears in 'Midnight' as Jethro. Athony Head & Angel Coulby appeared in series 2.  Richard Wilson (Gaius) appears in a couple series 1 eps. Michelle Ryan (Nimueh) apeared in 'Planet of  the dead'.  Eve Myles (Lady Helen) is of course Gwen Torchwood/doctor who. Lady Helen is important because this is how Merlin becomes Artur's manservant...

now on a totally unrelated note... I got X the complete series in the mail today. \^o^/ and it's right over... err-- no.. where did i put it? well it's somewhere... safe... it's not under the FFVII books thankfully. more about that another time...

felt ill/sick last nite couldn't eat. better now.
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