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Anime related this time

Okay, so unlike my post earlier today, this one is Seiyuu love related mainly, plus a few extras.

Randomly stumbled upon vol 5 of Ghost Hunt in Chapters, and recalled someone talking about it on LJ.
So when i returned home, i decided to check out the anime, of which was fansubbed up to ep 6.
While that was d/ling i decided to check out the cast list, something i normally do first, and then decide if i'm gonna watch it or not.
Only seiyuu of note was Narita Ken, and we all know he gets the characters that talk the least amount as possible.
However despite this, I'm finding it to be a great series. Also in episode 6 Lin (Narita's character) says quite a lot for him.

Hmm, there is Nazuka Kaori, who plays Mai (another not annoying female character), she played Subaru in .hack//SIGN, and Shino in .hack//ROOTS, and Nunnally (i thought her name was Natalie, lolz) in Code Geass. So i do know her voice, but not her name.
*Tai Yuuki - Naru-chan <-- i may have to start stalking his guy too.

i think there was something else, but i can't remember it now. -_-''''

Well new Version on my site: Again Tomorrow?  It's Shounen Onmyouji related. :D

Edit: Ah-Ha! now i remember! It's Shounen Onmyouji related! lolz

Umm, both SuzuKen and Jun made appearances, Yay!
Tags: anime: ghost hunt, seiyuu: narita ken

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