dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

ah! i figured it out!

i don't really pay attention to "genre" labels

someone told me: 'you watch a lot of shojo' once, and i was: 'i what?' (completely took it as an insult, YES I DID)
blue also responded saying ' don't think she watches that much shojo. XD'  <--- which is so true.. except now i'm finding out series that are mainly male casts are suddenly labeled as shoujo too, not just sailormoon types...

anyways this isn't a label that i use. To me Uraboku is a supernatural series. (demons = supernatural)
Gundam = sci-fi
erementar gerad = fantasy

no it's your imagination... i'm not just using Ishida Akira series as examples... well okay it's fact, but i was unaware until i finished typing 'gerad'
Tags: manga: label racisms

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