dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


okay so next vector has been picked.. even though i think i should have tried to finish one of my current ones XD

also i wanted to do a screencap one, since i haven't done one in awhile however I blame dayark  completely...

working canvas size is: 8912 x 9270
I can't promise i'll do Shusei too tho.. yes the plan is to do him, but sometimes i only end up doing the first chara i start lol
then i could have them over lapping a bit and it would be so great! ^___^

although i may still do this one at a later date...

and a yellow scarfed Kida i wanna do...
also there's that nagging urge to do a Kyohei w/o hat...

Tags: anime: uraboku, chara: renjou hotsuma, chara: usui shusei

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