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So I'm to start school 2nd yr, a little bumpy it seems. So this is what happened on Sunday August 29th, the transformer blew at the school. Which is what the the residence uses for power as well.

 "As you may have discovered, the Barrie campus, including the Barrie residence, is experiencing some electrical power troubles. On Sunday, August 29 the College encountered a transformer failure. We expect a replacement transformer to be installed this week."

This week meaning Friday, which is when I was to be moving in... I may still be but if the elvators don't work than there's no way! I don't know what floor i'll be on, nor do i wish to be on the first!

Then on the Sunday the newbies move-in, and I have to help them do so.... *dies* It's just so much work... Maybe my roommate will be a no show! *happy evil grin*

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