dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Hotsuma/Shusei Vector Update 2ish

I gave Hotsuma Goldenish eyes, because quite frankly I hated them green, and really didn't want them the same colour as Shusei's.
SO Shusei gets the greens I had had for Hotsuma...  the anime has them with greenish eyes.. the manga brownish/yellowish/ those blank eyes, ya know what i'm talking about.

anyways got the basic colours done, just need to add tweaks and check thingies. lol

I think that blue works for Shusei... the pants will more than likely change.. or not lol

hotsuma's eyes

Tags: anime: uraboku, chara: renjou hotsuma, chara: usui shusei, graphics: vector

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