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dark-alone [userpic]

got my uraboku ost today

really just minutes ago.

Debating on scanning the awful booklet. awful why? you may ask? I'm completely surprised they could even manage to include my Yuki in it. Mind you the smallest pics ever! I'm going to put the booklet in backward to avoid seeing the cover. HELLO SHE IS DEAD GET OVER IT ALL READY. I'D RATHER SEE MY YUKI WITH LUKA!

yesterday (see the speed times of SAL and Air Mail here) I got the shitajiki and notebook
*ahem* scanned those.. and well the shitajiki... scanned the inside of the notebook after completely forgetting it was in the scanned >___>''
so now it won't close well -____-'''

and did i mention the back cover of the ost is much much MUCH nicer than the front? 
Will i buy the 2nd OST?
Not before knowing what shit's gonna be on the cover.
The music is lovely tho.

okay just rage/ranted myself into doing scans... all pages, not just selective either.

and now since it's also definitely worth saying the 3rd drama CD if i'm following google trans right will have a OnoD song (*o*)

google trans for lols:

"Character Song recorded one song with voice actors! Third, the role of the Flame popularity vertebral Shin, Daisuke Ono will be recorded!"

Hoshi Souichiro, the only Yuki that matters, got the first song on the first anime drama cd. No one can deny that he can sing beautifully. (^_^)
Fukuyama Jun & Inoue Marina will sing the chara song on the 2nd CD.
I believe there will be 4 Drama CDs. So the 4th may end up being either HiroC or Hino Satoshi (Kuroto & Senshirō)
For those of you unaware Sakurai Takahiro & Ishida Akira (Luka & Reiga) they do not sing anymore, although i have heard rumours about Sakupyon and singing not too long ago. So sadly no songs from them.

well time to scan... no it's time for lunch actually (@_@) well after lunch i'll scan the /booklet/  i should point out it's nothing special just a lot of Luka in the past with femYuki. InuYasha? yes. yes. it is. InuYasha - Kikyou; InuYasha - Kagome; *facepalm*


Posted by: Veritas et Aequitas (silenzii)
Posted at: July 21st, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)

You made me really curious.
No Sakupyon singing? That's too bad.

Posted by: Myth (myth720)
Posted at: July 21st, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)
Gintama // ......

fem Yuki? That is annoying.. imagine they'd put Julia in KKM merchandise instead of Yuuri?? ugh lame.

OnoD song would be great though, can never have enough of him *___*

I didn't know Sakupyon stopped singing, I have quite a few songs but can't remember if there are any recent ones.. hmm!!

Posted by: rzncu (rzncu)
Posted at: July 21st, 2010 07:13 pm (UTC)

LOL the other yuki orz the other yuki makes me go goawaystaydead XD

Posted by: Angela (anjichan)
Posted at: July 23rd, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)

I may have to pre-order the cd drama's now... hmm esp. if they have character songs. I didn't think they would be worth getting beside for the cd scans~

lol "t's nothing special just a lot of Luka in the past with femYuki. InuYasha? yes. yes. it is. InuYasha - Kikyou; InuYasha - Kagome" XD

But like you said, the music is great-!

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