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On monday 'we' got a new used car

'we' being my mom and I although i do not drive. at all. period.

why? Well if i could have got my self to make an entry about this earlier you'd not be confused.

Canada. Long Weekend (assuming you don't working weekend aka retail) date.. umm... July 31st

I was called in for a 6 hr shift of trying to tidy up the awful linens department at work. Cool. I could use the time and money, and the store needed the tidying.

While at work... My mom was stopped waiting to turn left into her work, when this hot red car just plowed into her rear. (>__<)
wait for it.. it gets better. (PS mom wasn't hurt)

Out pops this young blonde daddy's girl.
Daddy'sGirl: 'please don't call the cops! I was just in another one of these 2 months ago and my dad's gonna be so mad!'

so... remember i'm at work while all this is going on.... at 2:45pm (left late, shocking NOT) i go outside and don't see that little silver 2001 echo.. i think: 'well i'm 15mins late where is she?' i take out my cell and am about to call her when someone in the dk blue car beside me starts knocking on it's window.  me: *thinking WTF?* it's my mom...

It was pretty bad. She needed a flatbed to tow the car, because if the tires at the back were to move alot it would rip them apart.

Well me pretty muchly knew it would get written off, but were afraid of getting just $1500. Ended up with $4017.

Now we have a bit bigger car... dk red Pontiac Grand AM 2002. has tinted windows which is nice. the radio digi screen tells you what song is on the radio... it also can tell you about the weather and emergency issues... Has the biggest flippin' glove comparement i've ever seen. a good sized trunk, although the back seats don't go down. But that trunk is huge! Well most would be compared to a Toyota Echo XD

maybe take some pics of it later.
If you have me on facebook echo pics are up there.

so it's 12:34am and i've been up since 4:30am...  maybe it's time for bed..?
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