dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

package today

from YesAsia

me: YES! my j-mags!
me opens with scissors... and then takes layers of bubble wrap off and then see there's 2 j-mags...
me:  (o___O)
me looks at the paper slip: 'this is shipment # 2 out of a total of 2 shipments'

what?! since when have they started to ship mags in shipments? lol
so in this one i got PASH! (HELLO THERE REIGA MY NEXT VECTOR VICTIM) and Animedia
still to come are animage (playing cards in that one) and PASH! Deeep!!! Vol.1

but... if you think about it... they are shipping these in themes lol
covers for PASH! & animedia: Sengoku BASARA
covers for animedia & PASH!! Deeeep: DRRR!!

btw yes it first i was like: 'they charged me for 4 j-mags!!! and gave me 2!!!"
also new default icon. Hotsuma (*______________*)

Reiga... i wanted to vector him in his uniform.. guess i will be able too as soon as i scan it ^^

also... Shade Stone... seems to be a Canadian singer... and this are playing this one song on the radio a bit, and i really like it. (-_-)'
it's called When I'm Gone. I ripped it off of his myspace page.. so if you wanna check that out. MF. used Freecorder 4 to rip the streaming audio. It's at 320, so just under 10MB. Sounds okay tho. I've pretty much decided that when his album comes out I'll buy it.
Tags: magazines

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