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Ah you knew this was Coming...

or you didn't. lol
But anyways...

As myth720  has done... an evil 'i must do most of the work' meme
(also gokumew2  whose i overlooked by mistake. -_-''', & i over looked drug_holic's too. lol)

1. Post a list of 30 fandoms
2. Have your friends list guess your fave character from each fandom
3. When guessed, bold the fandom, put in brackets who got it and sentence why you like the character

In order of 'thought of'

1. Iroha (Bakumatsu) (Akizuki as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, His eyes! I started watching this series for his eyes. I know it's weird. But now im watching it for his voice too!)
2. Night Head Genesis  (Naoto as guessed by myth720, of the 2 brothers he's just sooo much cooler. XD And it's Morikawa!)
3. Chrno Crusade (Chrno as guessed by myth720, I just loved this series, and Ishida so so much! so kawaii, but sad.)
4. Code Geass (Lelouch as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, yes my Jun stalking has begun, he so smart and cool *talking about the character now*)
5. Shounen Onmyouji (Guren as guessed by myth720, It's Konishi!! Nuff said. ^_^ well wait more... He's so protective of Masahiro.)
6. D.N.Angel (Dark as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, my first anime hearing Ryoutarou! SO much love for this character, you wouldn't believe how much!)
7. Loveless (Soubi as guessed by myth720, um, Konishi? First time hearing his voice... knowingly anyway. Plus very sexy.)
9. Black Blood Brothers (Zelman as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, sure he's apparently one of the 'evil' Black bloods, but he's still kind and caring, and i love that he smokes. Also cool voice, Jun!)
10. Getbackers (Ban as guessed by hekichan, The more darker, and mysterious of the 2, plus in te anime they never fully expose his past. A just like him more then Ginji.)
11. Ghost Hunt
12. Tsubasa (Kurogane as guessed by myth720, He's the only reason i watch the series)
13. X TV (Kamui as guessed by myth720, loved him in the movie (X/1999), but even more so in the series! Though I felt sorry for him.)
14. Prince of Tennis (Tezuka guessed sorta... by soubi_no_kissu, part of my Ryoutarou craze, lol. Didn't speak much, but when he started talking... >.>)
15. Blood+
16. FMA (Edward as guessed by myth720, Ed, what wouldn't he do for his little brother? He's got that 'never give up' atitude. Love it lots!)
17. Wolf's Rain (Kiba as guessed by myth720, Ah Kiba, my lone wolf, my Mamo-chan before Tamaki. Gotta love that 'not giving up' drive to survive in a cruel and depressing world, ne?)
18. Black Cat (Creed as guessed by myth720, One of the main reasons i decided to watch the series, but not the main 1, that was Fujiwara, BUT Creed stole the cake for me. So completely INSANE!)
19. FFVII:AC (Cloud as guessed by myth720, tho i could have given it to soubi_no_kissu, but she failed to supply the name of the character. :p)
20. Geneshaft
21. la Corda (Tsuchiura Ryoutarou as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, Okay so the main reason truly is seiyuu related, lol. Kentarou! This is good since i'm not currently watching Bleach, even more so with a fellow bleachmate on the series too. Character related: Plus he plays the Piano so well! and is alethic too!)
22. Escaflowne (Folken guessed by myth720, Weren't his black wings so pretty? Anti-hero. The one you couldn't completely hate.)
23. Ouran (Hikaru as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, It's SuzuKen!  OMG! I forgot to put GS/GSD on here!)
24. Meine Liebe (Ed as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, For some reason I like him the best out of them all, must be his short hair and the fact he's so kind and down to earth, and a good friend... umm... okay... smexy too. ^^)
25. Haruka (Akuram as known by  soubi_no_kissu, started watching it for Ryoutarou, decided he would be the ONLY reason to continue, fought tho 'iffy' subs (nice to know it's getting attention NOW) loved those 'iffy' subs tho btw. He falls into my bad biy with a good heart books. ^^)
26. Erementar Gerad (Coud as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, Okay first off this one is EVIL, because it's sorta a tie. between Coud & Wolx <-- Wolx being voiced by Ryoutarou, and Coud being Ishida.  However Coud IS in it more so. WIN. Yes I pick the things i watch by the seiyuu in them.)
27. Trinity Blood (So after many many guesses, hekichan has finally guessed Radu!  Why Radu, you ask? Because he was Konishi! And a great tragic part of what made that series so good.)
28. Sukisho! (Shin'ichirou as guessed by soubi_no_kissu, SMEXY! What's not to like?)
29. Innocent Venus (Jo as guessed by myth720, At first maybe it was Jin, but well-- can't say, and Jo didn't speak much either, and then he did, and I decided to latch onto the NojiKen fandom train)
30. InuYasha (Sesshoumaru as guessed by myth720, Main reason for watching the series/movies. <3 the 3rd movie! SMEXY! )

I'll update the reasons soon. Promise.
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