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dark-alone [userpic]

lets keep this short

September 11th, 2010 (10:03 pm)

mood: tired

i'm still working on that Reiga-sama vector.

Why am i extra slow? well it's all because of a 3 days straight of getting up at 4am a couple weeks back... well 2 weeks this wednesday to be exact. I worked that tuesday, wednesday and thursday...

so on said wednesday i was taking an empty flat cart back (i'm sure you know where this is going) to the stock/freight elevator. I open up the elevator and it's got 3 more lovely carts full so i get them out, and as i'm get the last one off i hear the elevator bell, and i know they want it downstairs again (could just give me 5 mins ya know) So i get the last one out of the way and make a mad dash to pull in the empty behind me and BAM! it decides to jump up and whack me on the back of the heel!

me: FUCK! OW!

I then push it onto the elevator and close the double doors. Then i limb my ass on over to the first aid room... keep in mind i'm in a certain amount of pain but what else does one do yes? I'm not the type to cry in a corner. And i was on the same side of the building as the first aid room, and the store was open either, so that was a bonus.  I treated it as best i could and oh yes i did... i went over and grabbed a full flat cart and limbed on over to housewares with it, and told my "adventure" to MaryAnne and Cindy. MaryAnne was like: "you leave our site for 5 mins and look what happens" XD  It's so true too. lol I sat on the ground for a bit before patching myself up with bandages.

I know you're thinking: 'but what does this have to do with vectoring?"

Well oddly enough sitting made my foot/leg hurt the most D: I mean walking was painful (still is sightly) but sitting wasn't any better. Just standing or laying on a bed was best.  i had to put a pillow at the bottom to place my foot on it.

Also i decided to upgrade my PS from CS2 to CS5 just yesterday, so still trying to get used to this and that. Loads faster, and saves faster. Both are pluses.

I actually went out today w/o wrapping my wound \(^o^)/ Bruising is basically gone.

Popped into the store to see when i worked today... monday 6am - 9:30am & Wednesday 6-9am I'll try not to kill myself this week.
because it's at 6am i get up at 4am (@_@)


Posted by: seshiru_san (seshiru_san)
Posted at: September 12th, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
Nee-san's Worried


That sounded really painful. I'm sorry that it happened.

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