dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

im going to bed im going to bed

it'll be 4am before i know it.. i know i know

but first...

i just watched ep one of Lost Girl. It was pretty good. Last thing i needed was another Canadian Show to watch lol
She's a succumbs... and they talk of the Fae and such and for at least that word i wasn't confused lol

airs on showcase @ 9pm est on Sundays

Shattered airs on wednesdays @ 12pm; 9pm; and Fridays at 7pm EST
This one has my fav actor in it. so extra joy there. FYI Callum Keith Rennie

edit: oh and btw i got Reiga done.
Tags: actor: callum keith rennie, tv: canadian, tv: lost girl, tv: shattered
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