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Um... Yeah... Okay

WTF did I just watch? lolz
One would think I'd have learned my lesson by now, about not watching raws before at least seeing a few subbed eps.
However it would seem not.

New Anime: Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
What's it about? At this point in time, i've got no bloody clue.  I mean what series shows that much in the first ep?
Damn them, lolz. Also decided to watch it around 1:45am, and it's one of those up & down volume ones. You know, quiet voices, LOUD music, and sounds.

Ayanokoji Kyoshiro - Konishi Katsuyuki  (Kenta in Karin >.> are you seeing, what i'm seeing?)
Shiratori Kuu - Yahagi Sayuri   (Karin in Karin. ^^ No nose bleeds this time, please. XD)
Setsuna - Matsuoka Yui
Mika - Tanaka Atsuko
Kaon - Kawasumi Ayako
Tarurotte - Mochizuki Hisayo
Oogami Jin - Majima Junji
Kazuya - Narita Ken
Walteishia - Ogata  Megumi
Himiko - Shitaya Noriko
Kozue - Satou Rina
Soujirou - Kishi Yuuji (Yazoo FFVII:AC)

Bolded names are ones I figured out by sound, of their oh so very very VERY quiet voices, and name calling. >.< Why did they basically call all the guys Ouji-sama?  How confusing. Tho i suppose that's what the are, but still.
And there is mecha.  The girls seem to get the mecha. The boys horses? Well one Prince had one, but then only one was really active in the ep, which may have been Kyoshiro, but honestly i've got no clue. lol

okay i'm re-watching this as i type, for screens, and so um... the girls with the mecha seem to need to 'kiss' ppl for strenght or something, damn i wish this had been subbed, lol.
Oh okay, so maybe the girls are the mecha? O.o

Okay now for some pics see here click on the Kyoshiro Album....
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