dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

So x-mas decorations attack people

it's true! Complete fact!

On wednesday we (minus Kokobe) stayed late at work (6am-1:30pm) to do the x-mas stock...

Somehow just Wendy and I were over there at first....
She was doing the red/orange labelled boxes (luminere theme) & I was doing the grey/blue boxes (silver moon theme)
Anyways she was /lucky/ enough to get to open the first 'metal tree' it comes in 3 parts, of which you, the associate needs to put together... and really all was sorta-semi-fine until she was trying to get the plastic tags off using her box cutter... The Metal tree poked her in the head!

then there was me... I was opening up some plastic-acrylic reindeer... setting them aside as i opened each one out of Styrofoam.. I was taking 3 of them over to the area for this theme when one of them got me on the knee. hard little buggers ($49.99 each btw) I do have a small little bruise slightly above my knee from it. Next after removing the Styrofoam from one of the boxes i was flating it to making walking room and, oh yes, a piece of Styrofoam went in my eye! what an awful feeling... D:

Gods only knows what hell she planned for those of us /lucky/ enough to be coming in on Sunday 9am-3pm (that's 3 hours before store opening and 3 after - 30 min break in there too)

i made a few icons out of the picSpam... pics earlierly posted here... it's sleep time.. maybe...

edit: oh and in anticipation of the upcoming anime i have joined togainu_no_chi 

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